Our Waiting List

Join Our Waiting List for a Beautiful Flemish Giant Kit!

Ready to welcome a Flemish Giant kit into your home? Join our waiting list today! Our kits aren’t just sitting in inventory; our buns may still be in the oven! Achieving perfection takes time, and we prioritize the health and well-being of our kits above all. We announce available kits via email to our waiting list first. If any kits remain unclaimed, we then offer them on a first-come, first-served basis.

We aim to ensure that all kits find their new homes swiftly. Therefore, we encourage you to start your preparations early. Being ready ahead of time is crucial. The weaning times for kits can vary; while some may wean faster, others might need a bit more time. Typically, kits wean between 10-12 weeks of age. We only allow kits to leave for their new homes once they are fully weaned from their mother. This policy guarantees that every kit starts off in their new home happy and healthy from day one!

Signing up for our waiting list is the first and most crucial step in our adoption process. It’s how we keep you informed every step of the way! Planning to purchase with a Gift Certificate? Ensure you sign up for the list as well. Holding a Gift Certificate does not automatically secure a kit for you if you’re not on our list. But don’t worry about your information; we promise only to use it for important updates related to the adoption process. We’re here to keep you informed, not to spam you. Then get ready because you are about to Hop into Happiness and join The Big Fat Rabbitat family!

Got questions before joining our list? Feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us or send an email to support@thebigfatrabbitat.com for any inquiries or further information.

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