Meet the Giants

Meet the Giants at The Big Fat Rabbitat, they are the proud pillars of our rabbitry and a living testament to our commitment to excellence in rabbit care and breeding. Each of these senior rabbits brings a unique story and set of characteristics that make them invaluable to our rabbitat. Our available kits are pictured at the bottom of this page, if you are interested in adopting, please join our waiting list! If you have any questions, please contact us, we would love to hear from you. Here’s a closer look at our distinguished senior Flemish Giants.

Meet Our Best Doe


Petunia is not just any rabbit; she is an award-winning doe with outstanding characteristics. Her elegant light grey coloring and poised demeanor have made her a standout at numerous shows. Petunia captures the hearts of judges and attendee’s alike. Petunia’s achievements on the show table are a testament to The Big Fat Rabbitat’s dedication to breeding rabbits of the highest quality. Her ear tag number, JUJJ1 is synonymous with excellence in our rabbitry. She has produced many award winning kits that have gone on to other rabbitries to continue her winning legacy. Her bright eyes, long body, and stellar ears make her a tough competitor to beat on the show table.

Meet The Giant Petunia, she is our top award winning Giant in our herd.

Meet Our loveable Giant


Babbs is another one of our prized does, and also Petunia’s sister! Her light grey coat and captivating presence have earned her numerous accolades on the show table. Like Petunia, Babbs’s success is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence. Her ear tag number, JUJJ2 marks her as a distinguished member of our breeding team. Babbs is known for her contributions to enhancing the genetic quality and beauty of our lines. Babbs has a calm and collected demeaner, she is the definition of “Gentle Giant” in the flesh. She has also given us the sweetest kits over the years. Her long ears and deep color have provided us the chance to bring home some of the top awards at shows across California.

Meet The Giant Babbs, she is also our top winning Giant in our herd.

Meet The Humble Giant

Billy Ray

Billy Ray, our brood buck sourced from the esteemed Gene Gubala, is a key figure in our breeding program. His impressive lineage and strong genetic traits make him a valuable asset to The Big Fat Rabbitat. Though he does not attend shows due to an old eye injury, Billy Ray’s contributions are behind the scenes but enormously impactful. Billy’s ear tag number, MB41L carries an impressive background from Gubala’s lineage. His deep light grey coloring and stout body are emblematic of the strength and quality he brings to our offspring. Billy has large bones and a strong muscular frame which provides the basis for strong muscular kits.

Our Giant Billy Ray, he comes from award winning lines by Gene Gubala.

Meet the Giants on the rise

Gabby, Grey Gus, and Silverado

Our home-grown newest additions, Gabby, Grey Gus, and Silverado, are the new faces on the show table. These three rabbits made their first debut at the ARBA National Show in Kentucky in 2023 and did an excellent job representing The Big Fat Rabbitat among hundreds of Flemish Giants. Their vibrant energy and light grey coats give them the competitive edge, promising a bright future for our rabbitat. Each of them, with their respective ear tag numbers, BP204, CE102, and CE103, represents our continuous effort to nurture and present the finest rabbits in the country.

These senior bucks and doe’s are more than just rabbits; they are the heart and soul of The Big Fat Rabbitat. The Giants’ unique characteristics, from their award-winning histories to their beautiful light grey coloring, showcase the diversity and quality of our breeding program. As we continue to care for and celebrate these remarkable animals, we invite you to join us in admiring their contributions to the rabbit community and beyond.

Our Program

Breeding the Giants

Gabby and Silverado recently gave us our largest litter of kits to date, ten small to medium kits in total. Unfortunately, larger litters usually mean smaller kit sizes. Gabby has proven she is capable of producing large litters, so we will pair her with Grey Gus for her next litter in hopes of a smaller number of kits.

Grey Gus and Petunia were paired for a winter litter and Petunia only produced three kits from those efforts. She has produced four litters over the last two years with this 2023 winter litter being the smallest litter she’s had so far. We will pair Petunia with Billy Ray again in the fall as she has produced a well-rounded litter with him in the past.

We will pair Babbs with Silverado for the fall breeding season and hopefully she will produce a fabulous litter with him. Babbs chased off Billy Ray for her last litter so she got to take a break from our last breeding season as we don’t force our Doe’s to breed if they aren’t willing. Doe’s are much better mothers to their kits if they are ready and willing to breed.

Meet the Baby Giants

Our available Kits

Silverado and Gabby’s litter was born on January 15th 2024. The ear tags beginning with SG are from this pairing. Grey Gus and Petunia’s litter was born on January 19th 2024. The ear tags beginning with GP are from this pairing. We have 13 kits total from two separate litters, there are 2 Bucks (males) and 11 Doe’s (females) to choose from. All of the kits, except for GP203 (Doe), are pet quality kits. GP203 is already reserved for a show bunny buyer. GP202 also has the potential to be a show quality bunny, but unfortunately I found a small abscess on her belly that will cause her to be disqualified from the show table. GP202 will need a small procedure to drain her abscess, if she heals without scarring she will be available as a show quality kit. If you are interested in adopting, please join our waiting list!