Our Adoption Process

The Big Fat Rabbitat Adoption Process

Step One: Join the Waiting List

Start the Adoption Process by signing up for our waiting list. This is where it all begins! Sign up here.

Step Two: Fill Out the Adoption Application

Next, complete our Adoption Application. It’s quick and helps us know you’re ready for a rabbit. Fill it out here.

Step Three: Application Review

Watch your email. You’ll get an automatic response after we review your application. It will let you know if you are approved or denied, if you are denied we will let you know why.

Step Four: Adoption Contract

Once approved, it’s time to make it official. Complete the Adoption Contract here. Don’t worry, we do not collect any funds for your kit until Step Seven, so you’ve got a little time…

Step Five: Set Your Gotcha Date

Two weeks before weaning, we will plan your kit’s pickup date. If you’re traveling from afar, we’ll work on meeting halfway or discuss other transport options. Remember, transport fees are extra.

Step Six: Name Your Kit

Also, two weeks before weaning, you will choose a name for your kit’s pedigree. Your kit’s pedigree will include 3 generations of rabbit lineage that you can proudly display or show off!

Step Seven: Reserve Deposit

Two weeks before weaning, you will secure your kit by paying a $100 reserve deposit with our Encrypted Payment form. This deposit is required as it demonstrates your commitment to the adoption. All reserve deposits are non-refundable. This is to ensure that if you back out of the adoption, we will have funds available for continued care of the abandoned rabbit while we find a new adopter. Deposits are only refunded if your kit becomes undeliverable where we are at fault. There are no exceptions, so make sure you are fully committed.

Step Eight: Final Payment

On or before Gotcha Day arrives, complete your final payment for your kit. Use our secure form for peace of mind. You can also bring cash on Gotcha Day, but we do prefer a paper trail for proof of payment.

Step Nine: Gotcha Day!

The big day! We made it… Come to collect your kit with a pet carrier for our peace of mind and both of your safety. Kits will not be released without a safe method of transport, cardboard boxes or “holding” will not be allowed. Pet carriers are inexpensive, and besides you’ll need a carrier for your future vet visit’s as well. You’ll receive your kit’s pedigree, food for transitioning your kit to its new diet, and comprehensive care instructions. Please feed your rabbit according to our instructions for a smooth transition to your desired feed choice.

Gift Certificate Note

Thinking of using a gift certificate? Great! Just ensure you’re on the Waiting List. Then, when it’s time to pay the deposit or final amount, you will add your certificate number to the payment form and we’ll apply your certificate to the adoption fees. Simple and Easy!

Remember, each step is part of the adventure. We’re excited to guide you as you welcome a new furry friend into your family!

Baby bunnies waiting for the adoption process to be complete.