Adoption Contract

Step into the Final Stages of Your Adoption Journey

You’re almost there! The Adoption Contract is a crucial milestone in the path to welcoming your Flemish Giant rabbit into its new home. It’s not just paperwork; it’s a commitment. It marks an understanding between The Big Fat Rabbitat and you, the adopter.

Understanding Is Key

This contract lays the foundation for a successful adoption. It ensures that you are fully aware of and agree to the responsibilities that come with caring for these gentle giants. That’s why we ask every adopter to read and acknowledge each statement. Your initials next to each point confirm your understanding and agreement.

Join Us on the List

If you’re stepping into this stage without joining our Waiting List, let’s pause here. Please visit our Waiting List page first to sign up and get your spot. Did you already complete your Adoption Application? If you’re completing the Adoption Contract without receiving your Adoption Application approval, then let’s pause again. I know you are excited to finish this process, but we need a few minutes to look over your application first!

Adoption Application approval is a simple but essential step to keep everything flowing. This also helps us in making sure our adopters are the right fit for our Flemish Giants. Don’t worry, our application approval process is automated and only takes a few minutes to receive an approval email. If your application is denied, we also let you know why.

Fill in Every Detail

Ready to proceed? Great, we are so glad you have been approved! Please fill in each field of the Adoption Contract. It’s important. This information helps us move smoothly to the next step in your adoption process. Remember, each clause in the contract is there for a reason. They protect the well-being of our rabbits and ensure you’re prepared for this new adventure. So, take your time. Read through each part carefully.

It’s Almost Time…

As the exciting day of welcoming your new Flemish Giant kit approaches, we will invite you to pick a date for your final pickup. Then your last delightful task is choosing a name for your kit’s pedigree! About two weeks before your scheduled pickup date, we’ll ask for your chosen name. This name will grace the 3-generation pedigree certificate that accompanies your rabbit on gotcha day!

Now that you have a gotcha date and a new fabulous name for your new kit, we will direct you to our encrypted deposit form where you will submit a reserve deposit for your new kit. Your reserve deposit is non-refundable unless your kit becomes un-deliverable. Your reserve deposit is a monetary commitment on your part to ensure you are committed to adopting your new rabbit.

For our future show bunnies, a tattoo in the left ear is also necessary to meet ARBA show requirements. Only show rabbits will receive an ear tattoo. Pet rabbit adopters can request an ear tattoo if desired in writing via email, otherwise pet rabbits will not receive an ear tattoo. We like to complete ear tattoos early so that the tattoos can heal before heading to their new homes. Rest assured though; we administer this tattoo with the utmost care to ensure it’s as stress-free as possible for the rabbits.

We’re Here for Your Questions

Got questions about the contract? Or perhaps you have comments or suggestions? No problem. There’s a section at the bottom of the contract just for this purpose. Write to us there, and we’ll get back to you or you’re welcome to Contact Us with your questions instead. We’re here to clarify and assist.

You’re Joining a Community

By completing this contract, you’re not just adopting a rabbit. You’re joining a community of Flemish Giant lovers. You’re becoming part of The Big Fat Rabbitat family. Make sure you visit our Social Media page to follow our future antics and Storytimes!

We’re thrilled to guide you through the final steps of the adoption process. Each signature, each initial—it’s all part of the commitment to give our Flemish Giants the loving future they deserve. So, let’s hop to it and complete this journey together.

Our beautiful Doe Babbs is waiting patiently for your adoption contract for her review!