Welcome to The Big Fat Rabbitat

Premier Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders in San Jacinto, California

About Our Rabbitry

The journey of The Big Fat Rabbitat began in 2018 in the vibrant community of San Jacinto, California. We chose to dedicate ourselves to breeding the majestic Light Grey Flemish Giants. Our rabbitry isn’t just a business; it’s a testament to our dedication to quality and excellence. As proud members of esteemed associations like the ARBA, NFFGRB, and CSRCBA, we’ve made a name for ourselves by actively showcasing our rabbits since 2020.

Our Passion for Flemish Giants

Our adventure with Flemish Giants started as a simple hobby but quickly evolved into a passionate endeavor. We specialize in the Light Grey variety, focusing our efforts to produce rabbits that are not only healthy and happy but also of unparalleled beauty. This specialization has positioned us as leading Light Grey Flemish Giant breeders in California. Our rabbits are more than just pets; they’re part of a broader commitment to preserving the integrity and beauty of the breed.

Comprehensive Care and Expertise

Our rabbitry embodies our commitment to superior animal welfare. We ensure that each rabbit enjoys a spacious living environment, complemented by a diet that promotes their health and well-being. Fresh water, high-quality hay, nutritious pellets, and the occasional treat of fruits and vegetables make up their daily diet. We also prioritize their health with regular veterinary check-ups, ensuring any health concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

Engagement and Education

We believe in the power of community and education. Through our involvement in rabbit shows and specialty clubs, we aim to raise awareness about the Flemish Giant breed and share our knowledge with enthusiasts and the public. Our efforts extend beyond breeding; we’re dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for fellow breeders and those interested in learning more about these gentle giants.

Join Our Rabbitry Community

Are you fascinated by Flemish Giant rabbits? Whether you’re looking to adopt one of these gentle giants or simply have questions about their care, we’re here to help. Our doors are always open to fellow enthusiasts and prospective rabbit owners. Let’s connect and share the joy these remarkable animals bring into our lives.

Get in Touch with Our Rabbitry

Interested in learning more about our Light Grey Flemish Giants or have questions about rabbit care? We invite you to reach out and Contact Us. Together, we can ensure these magnificent creatures receive the love and care they deserve.